UGA Senior Administration Receives No Human Resources Oversight

The Senior Administration at the University of Georgia is exempt from the Human Resources salary guidelines, according to Dan Helmick, a classification and compensation analyst for UGA’s Human Resources.


The Senior Administration includes the president, vice presidents, associate provosts, and deans. A few members of the Senior Administration, such as Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Pamela Whitten, are classified under faculty.


Human Resources administers a minimum and maximum pay range for all administrative positions, and follows limited guidelines for administrative pay raises. The Senior Administration does not adhere to these procedures.


“When you get to those upper level positions, you can’t really box them in with minimums and maximums,” said Helmick.


According to UGA’s Comprehensive Pay Plan, the maximum pay range caps out at $207,000 for a senior licensing manager.


Members of the Senior Administration, on average, receive larger salaries than even the highest paid administration positions. Michael F. Adams, the former UGA president, collected a $660,000 salary in 2012. When Adams left the presidential office in 2013, he received a one-time payment of $600,000 and will enjoy his presidential salary for another two years.  Beginning in 2015, Adams will receive a presidential base-pay of $258,000 for another three years. By 2018, Adams’ payout will total $2.7 million.


Vice presidents of the Presidential Cabinet receive salaries ranging from $200,000 to $500,000 salaries, and associate provosts of the Presidential Cabinet receive salaries in the upper range of $100,000, according to Georgia State open records.


One of Dan Helmlick’s responsibilities in the Human Resources department is to classify administrative job descriptions.


“In 2008, Georgia State Legislature dictated that we could no longer give merit-based promotions until further notice. Therefore, the only way to receive a pay raise is if someone can demonstrate they are working beyond their job description or if they have received a promotion,” said Helmick.


Human Resources provides open records of all administrative job descriptions, with their minimum and maximum pay ranges, however, the job descriptions and pay ranges for the Senior Administration are not included.


“They are not included because they have such a unique title,” said Helmick.


When Human Resources can administer a pay range, they are limited to pay raises of 10% or providing a position’s maximum pay range.

In 2011, Michael F. Adams received a $50,000 pay raise as a lease agreement between the University System Board of Regents and the UGA Athletic Association. Since the raise was paid for by the UGA Athletic Association, Human Resources had no input on the pay raise, according to Helmick.


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