Athens sees red

David Iduate

Story: crime statistics report

Headline: Athens sees red

ATHENS –- A 40% increase of murder since last year leaves an alarming number of citizens with grief of losing their loved ones.

Only time will tell if the people of Athens are willing to improve their ethics. According to the Bureau of Investigation, someone commits assault every 41 minutes, and homicide occurs about every 63 hours.

“The increase in violent crime reflects a greater social problem that can’t be solved by police alone.” states Mike Stiers, division chief of the Investigation bureau.

Only so much law enforcement can protect us before our freedom as citizens also becomes jeopardized. Fellow Athenians must find, as in all things, a better relationship within their community,

“People need to realize this.  They need to demand of their legislators, both state and municipal, that they don’t want to live like this.” Stiers states, in an attempt to encourage locals to strive for betterness in the years to come.