Major Publishers Forge New Ways to Make Content Profitable

Four major publishers Tuesday reaffirmed their commitment to print and discussed revenue ideas that strengthen their product.

This discussion came out of an executive roundtable at the Key Executives Mega Conference in New Orleans.

The publishers of Star Tribune Media Co., USA Today, The Omaha World-Herald and The Dallas Morning News conferred the revenue opportunities of their content.

The Dallas Morning News is blazing trails in modern media by bringing in new revenue by selling access to story archives. Companies in Dallas have been seeking out content to fill company newsletters, websites and blogs, so the paper is making its archives available through its digital agency. Clients pay an average of $4,000 a month for services that include access to the archives.

“Marketing has become a content war and nobody is better positioned to win a content war than a content company,” Jim Moroney, publisher and CEO of The Dallas Morning News, told the more than 500 attendees at the national conference. He urges other news organizations to try his model. “I think it can work on any scale in all markets,” Moroney said.

The publishers also discussed how they are acquiring revenue from their digital content. Each of the publishers, except USA Today, has some sort of paywall.

Do you think that these new ways to bring in revenue for content will be sustainable and profitable? How do these efforts to increase revenue affect news consumers?


One Comment on “Major Publishers Forge New Ways to Make Content Profitable”

  1. Aashka Dave says:

    I think that these new efforts will bring in revenue for publications. However, I’m not as sure that they’re a good way to maintain profits while also serving consumers. The minute publications begin charging for access to archives, news consumers lose access to old stories that may be relevant to their daily lives. I feel like a tiered system, rather than a blanket charge for companies and single consumers, may be in order.

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