Fired ESPN analyst finds job

Former ESPN worker Rob Parker, who was suspended from the network — and later released — after making disrespectful racial remarks about Redskins’ quarterback Robert Griffin III, earned a columnist position on Keith Clinkscales’ new digital sports platform.

On ESPN’s show “First Take,” Parker questioned whether African-American quarterback RGIII was “black enough,” stating that Griffin was black, but didn’t seem to embrace the race’s culture.

Clinkscales, a former ESPN executive, praised Parker’s passion for the sports world, noting the numerous award-winning columns that Parker has produced in his time with the Detroit News and ESPN.

Parker is known for making some controversial comments in the past, namely during his time at the Detroit News. With the racial diversity of modern-day sport, Parker has tip-toed a fine line, and questions are now raised about his trust, but also creates the question as to how race should be handled in sports journalism — or journalism as a whole.

How far is too far when walking the racial line? What should punishments be for journalist who overstep their boundaries when covering racial issues? With sports being so diverse, how should race be handled in athletics?



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