Fox News Wants a Bigger Hispanic Audience

Fox News Spanish network, MundoFox, hopes to increase their viewers by adding more Spanish language local programming to a greater bilingual Spanish demographic.

President of the Fox News Channel, Roger Ailes, considers featuring more local Spanish programming as a “tremendous business oppurtunity.” More and more of the United States Hispanic population are tuning in for local Spanish programs, making it visible for TV networks to see how this growing audience is becoming more profitable. MundoFox is hoping to compete with the likes of Univision and Telemundo, who dates back to 50 years of serving the Hispanic community. How is MundoFox, a station that was launched in August 2012, plan to go up against broadcast networks that are rank no. 1 and 2  in their viewing auience, the answer–robbing Univision and Telemundo of their viewers.

Fox News knows that they are new to the Spanish language programming game and are pulling out all the stops when it comes to getting those high numbers, currently their Hispanic viewers during prime time average less than 100,000 according to Nielson. Ailes plans to make the station more Hispanic-friendly by giving a softer side of republican views, and putting political issues such as immigration on defensive by seeing it as sovereignty on the path to citizenship.

Here is a broadcast network that is known to be harsh and blunt when it comes to the messages conveyed about immigration on television. Fox News has their work cut out for them if they want to be seen as a trusting network to Hispanic viwers. Their Fox News Latino website launched in 2010, was a good start in bringing in Hispanic traffic to the site; Hispanics spend 68 percent more time watching video on the Internet compared to non-Hispanics. Fox News Latino is making it their mission to aware Latinos that they are a part of America’s framework.

Hispanics have access to media just as much as non-Hispanic whites and account for one-sixth of the U.S. population; by year 2050, one in three  Americans will be Hispanic. Even though media outlets can capitalize on the growing number of the Hispanic population, these are people and their role in the U.S. is just as important as native citizens. Hispanics need to have just as much as Spanish television programming that caters to their cultural needs as English programming. Hopefully Fox News and other newcomers can erase the media border between Spanish and English programming.

What is your view on Fox News; do you find that it is a republican-charged network that has enticed their audience to be discrimatory and prejudice towards immigration? Is there an equal balance of Spanish programming for the U.S. Hispanic community, why or why not? Is it going to take more than a Latin based website and a few more stations from MundoFox to satisfy Hispanics needs? What other broadcast networks besides Fox News needs to be more open to minorities?


3 Comments on “Fox News Wants a Bigger Hispanic Audience”

  1. Matthew Simmons says:

    It’s not really a secret that after the 2008 that the Republican party had to start looking at things a little differently, and then after the more recent election there has been discussion in the Republican Party as to changing their approach on several topics. The subject of immigration and minorities are included in those discussions, so naturally it makes sense that Fox, a fairly conservative news network, would want to branch out as well. However I believe it’s going to take a lot more than just expanding into the hispanic audiences, conservative stations like Fox will have to change their outlook on several other issues and the audiences that find those topics important. I predict that there will be other changes such as this to Fox in the near future.
    I believe that more news networks should offer more options for other, non-english speaking groups. The United States is an enormous, culturally diverse country, why shouldn’t news options reflect that?

  2. alibleakley says:

    Currently there is not an equal balance of Spanish programming for the U.S. Hispanic community, but there is programming in proportion to the population. I believe this type of cultural programming shouldn’t be in a separate category of news or considered numerically. The viewers of Fox news and the viewers of Telemundo are all seeking to attain the information and the benefits that the press provides and this right and capability shouldn’t be discerned by ethnicity or language. This is why I think it is good that Fox is creating MundoFox. It is a step towards equality and availability of programming towards minorities. Fox and FoxMundo are diminishing the lines between standard news programming and minority news programming. More news stations should follow suit. However, this then arises the question, should there be separate programming for other U.S. minorities that don’t all speak English?

  3. As a Hispanic living in the U.S., I actually like the fact that Fox is making a MundoFox. I may not agree with how Fox has shown their views on certain issues in the past years, but by creating MundoFox, they are helping close the audience gap that separates English speaking and non-English speaking people. Fox has a long way to go before the Hispanic community can fully trust it, but if they bring more programs that suit this minority and change their approach to certain controversial topics, it can happen. Just like the English speaking audience have ABC, Hispanics have Univision. MundoFox will show Hispanics that they are equal and that even an American news station can target them and give them what they need.

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