Allowing Students and Faculty Concealed Weapons Could Save Lives

The topic of concealed weapon permits is inevitably going to be discussed with the coming of new legislation on guns, however there are those that believe that a specific change that should come with these permits is the allowing of students and faculty to own them on campuses.

Over the past few years there have been several, unfortunate school shootings such as the Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook massacres, however in both cases the shooter was only stopped by taking their own life. As a result, the question has been asked as to whether the tragedies could have been lessened or even prevented had there been a student of faculty member with their own weapon to retaliate against the attack.

There have been several organized groups petitioning for the allowing of concealed weapons on campuses, one of the most notable being Students for Concealed Carry. The group has support in specific schools within multiple states as well, such as the Georgia Tech group. The group claims to be made up of 43,000 students, professors, college employees, parents of college students, and concerned citizens, and uses examples such as the 1997 Mississipi shooting to try and make their case, in which they believe that allowing concealed weapons on campuses would help save lives if students and faculty could respond in force.

This subject has arguments on both ends of the spectrum however. Reasons for opposition allowing concealed carry on campuses include believing that college students simply aren’t mature enough to carry weapons responsibly. Other reasons are the belief that multiple owners of concealed guns could cause potential problems for police responding to a threat.

As Americans, we have the Second Amendment which gives us the right to bear arms, but where should we draw the line on when and where that applies? Should students and faculty be allowed to carry concealed weapons on campuses? Would carrying concealed weapons actually help prevent potential disasters  or keep them from escalating? Would the allowing of concealed weapons on campus, in fact, actually cause more problems than solve them?


3 Comments on “Allowing Students and Faculty Concealed Weapons Could Save Lives”

  1. tiffke says:

    It amazes me that there is a discussion going on that could possibly allow students and faculty to carry firearms. I agree with half of this proposition. I think faculty having a firearm is okay, but not college students. In many cases it is the students that will turn on each other, and I agree with them not being mature enough to carry a weapon on campus. Students can not always control their anger or could be under the influence of drugs or alcohol and carrying a weapon would just add fuel to the fire. Faculty however, can take courses and go through the proper steps that would be needed to conceal weapons on campus. They could possibly volunteer for something like this, showing that they will be responsible and if a situation escalates they know what correct actions to take. I do not think faculty carrying a concealed weapon would cause more problems. If there is a chance to save lives, why not do what you can to make that happen.

  2. diduate6 says:

    My sister is a teacher in South Carolina. Recently, she was given special permission by the school which allowed her to keep a firearm with her as long as it stays in her vehicle during school hours. Her grant could help protect the schools and prevent any threats of danger. However, I do not believe that our solution to the school shooting problem is guns, rather, we need to amend our behavior within society.
    We live in a society where individuals are outraged; they are victims who kill the innocent, and reak havoc as if for no reason at all. Their cries for help are being drowned by the sounds of banging gunshots; but a country that fights fire with more fire will ultimately explode! By adding guns, we create more individual power, and a higher defense. Although in the short term, crime may lessen due to that fact, but people will always live in a world that can’t trust itself; a world where shooting someone becomes an option in any scenario. There are many other short-term solutions to the school shooting problem which could take immediate action by the government, and create a false sense of accomplishment, but there are no real shortcuts to assuring long term peace for the country.
    To ensure a better future: We need open minded parents who can adapt to the modern world which was inherited by their children. We need doctors who are fair to their patient’s livelihood, and do not try to over medicate or weaken them. We need school counselors, and all faculty country-wide, to be heroes for children. We need Police officers, not gangsters. We need churches and mosques to be models of our goodness. And we need to observe and evaluate our kindness from peers, as well as behavior in our technological society. These are key elements towards our progression into a safer, more considerate world.

  3. Kayla Peeples says:

    Allowing more guns on school does not reduce the possiblity that further mass shootings that will not happen on campuses. As a a college student at a university of over 30 thousand students, it scares me to even think of 1 of them having a gun on campus, let alone 30 thousand! When as a nation do we say enough is enough and tackle the problem head on? Putting a gun to a gun does nothing except allow for further mass shootings to happen. Just imagine it, no more lunch room food fights, we know get to use guns.

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