Is the Media to Blame?

With mass murder shootings becoming more frequent and real, some believe the media is to blame for the fame of the shooters.

With mass shootings like in Newtown, Connecticut or Aurora, Colorado there is always a “master mind” or plan behind it. Or at least that is what these shooters believe they are. And so do their copy cats. Executive VP, Wayne LaPierre of the NRA states that these shooters are now receiving the sense of identity they have been craving. Recently a petition has been filed to stop the printing of the shooters information, no names or faces. The signers believe, along with many others, the media’s hype of this person is the reason the shootings are still taking place. They have become some sort of an idol.

With that said, in order for the information to be withheld, which is so unheard of, there would have to be a complete vow of silence from every reporter or journalist and police officer. No details could be released, nothing to suggest this person is any different than another. No history or even the type of gun used.

If this vow of silence does work, how are reporters suppose to do their job? The public has a right to know what is going on in their town, yes? So what is the difference between this petition to stop mass murders names from being leaked and the petition Trayvon Martin’s parents have set up, trying to convict his killer? Would this just happen with mass murders or celebrities, or would it be the standard for every shooting and killing from now on?


One Comment on “Is the Media to Blame?”

  1. askinneruga says:

    I think the public does have the right to know the name and face of the killer. In history, we are taught that sometimes there is a face to evil, and in reporting of wars, we realize that sometimes that evil can lead an army. Reveling the face and name of the killer is not the cause of mass murders. In my opinion, the ineffective mental health system and availability of automatic weapons is the real cause of these terrible mass murders.

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