Controversial media coverage of Sandy Hood conspiracy

In light of the recent school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, some vocal theorists are claiming the entire incident was created by the government to promote gun control conversations.

These conspirators have been covered widely by some prominent news organizations, which many worry is perpetuating the problem. Critics of CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s coverage said that by reporting on the conspiracies, mainstream media is bringing more attention to the matter, which in turn spreads the conspiracies further. The media is making the infromation available to more audiences instead of letting the matter quietly fade on the social media sites where the conspiracy got its start, they said.

Other bloggers are saying media coverage is shedding necessary light on the obviously falsified claims. Alex Seitz-Wald, a writer for the news blog, Salon, believes news organizations need to follow cospiracies like these to help the public understand the truth behind them. Ignoring these theories only increases their vigor because the conspirators are never confronted with the truth, he said.

Should the mainstream media cover conspiracies like the ones stemming from the Sandy Hook shooting, or are they only making the problem worse? Does journalism provide educated coverage of misinformed issues stemming from social media?



3 Comments on “Controversial media coverage of Sandy Hood conspiracy”

  1. kpeeples32 says:

    People are straying off the point that twenty-eight people died, twenty of them being children. Not to go off on a tangent here but even 9/11 was looked at as a conpsiracy to promote heavy airport security and terrorist awareness. However, mainstream media wasn’t as out of control as it is today. Mainstream media covering conspiracies just makes matters worse because the audience feeds into too much of the hype of what MAYBE possibility true.

  2. kylaross99 says:

    Covering conspiracy theories takes away from the larger issue at hand in the Sandy Hook massacre. It only serves to sensationalize a tragedy and disrespect the memory of those who died. When conspiracy theories receive attention from the mainstream media, it creates an unhealthy hype and paranoia. Also, it misconstrues its significance. The audience may believe there is a legitimacy factor to the theory because CNN is covering it or that a larger amount of people believe in it rather than the extremely small minority. An example is the birther theories surrounding President Obama’s birthplace.

  3. Anne Maxwell Douglass says:

    Today the line between journalist and the public has become blurred as most everyone is entitled to share their personal ideas, theories, and opinions online. This creates an issue when web surfers stumble upon shocking ideas of such magnitude, and it is the media’s job to keep the public, which has access to all online falsities, informed on current events backed up by reliable evidence. Although it may seem crude and distasteful for the mainstream media to cover such wild conspiracies, the public has indeed become part of the media itself, and it is important that out-of-control internet users be acknowledged and countered by a reliable source. The internet has allowed for anyone to spread mass media, and it is necessary for mainstream, professional media to acknowledge this trend and participate in conjunction with it, regardless of how outlandish it may be.

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