Journalism losing its most valuable

Highly esteemed reporter of the Tampa Bay Times leaves the journalism field for a career in public relations due to rapidly shrinking rate of newspapers.

When 10-year-plus veteran Emily Nipps announced her resignation from the paper on Monday, March 6, her decision came as a shock to the Tampa Bay journalism community.  Nipps had planned on becoming a reporter since she were a student in high school, but the diminishing field of journalism has now deterred her ambitions.

Although the Times tried hard to keep her by offering a salary more than what she will be making in PR,  Nipps refused the extra money, and took the job in PR instead.

Nipps decision was based on her fear for the future of newspapers. “I don’t know that I can wait around another three years to see how many are here, or if we’re going to get raises”, she said.

We hear of many students fleeing from majors pertaining to newspapers, but we seldom hear of established and prestige journalists quitting, but instead working hard to maintain their position. Will this soon become a trend? Does the newspaper field have any hope if admired journalists, like Nipps, begin leaving the field?


One Comment on “Journalism losing its most valuable”

  1. Representing a dying medium is a very valid concern for journalists in newspapers. However, I don’t think this is a very wise decision. Though the medium is dying, the contents of the medium are extraordinarily valuable to the public and are therefore in high demand. It is simply a matter of finding a medium that presents the contents in an appealing way. Think about it this way: a person is unlikely to pick up a book without an appealing cover. The same can be said about the news industry. Journalists like Emily Nipps are thinking in the short term by switching over to public relations.

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