Twitter Putting Pressure on Journalists

Journalists are now receiving more pressure to speed up their reporting process due to the rapid growth of twitter and social networks breaking news.

If you are an avid twitter user, then you know how notorious this popular social media site is for #killing people. #RIPBeiber, #RIPGaga, and #RIPTaylor are all examples of popular trending topics that caused panic amongst fans. But why are these celebrities still alive, if Twitter has pronounced them dead?

The popular trends on twitter are often  due to a high percentage of people tweeting about the same person, thing or idea, and frequently can also be false.

After the unfortunate death of singer/actress Whitney Houston, “Twitter Breaks News of Whitney Houston Death 27 Minutes Before Press” according to media site But can we rely on Twitter to supply accurate information, given past instances of false information? Should the press be threatened by this?

The answer is no. Yes journalists should feel the pressure of reporting breaking news as quickly as possible, but every journalist is taught to keep the information as accurate as possible. If journalists are pressured to report information at the rate of social media sites, there would be a high level of inaccuracy within their stories.

Twitter users tweet whatever they want and sometimes so do reporters. The only difference between the two is the reporter’s training and ability to have accurate and reliable sources to back up the story.


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