Politicians, Not Media, Drives Public Opinion About Climate Change

According to an analysis derived from eight years of polling data, public officials possess more influence on climate change concern than the media.

Other than the daily weather forecast, news about the climate and the threat of climate change rarely reach the viewer’s lap or television. The media is often the blame for the lack of attention the rapid change in climate receives. Even when the topic of climate is brought up in newsrooms, most media stations today are pressured to employ the opinions of contrarians.
I’m sorry, but before news stations begin entertaining the arguments of climate change deniers, their scientific credibility should also equal that of climate control activists. But I guess disregarding the contrarian’s opinions will only anger the fossil fuel industry, which by the way funds many media companies through advertising revenue.

Instead of pointing fingers at the media for their lack of coverage, fingers should be deflected towards public officials for their lack of attention since studies show they have the most power in eliciting public concern about the climate crisis.

Remember when former United States Vice President Al Gore led a campaign to educate citizens about global warming and its implications on our present and future? His campaign incited a concern amongst many citizens. Clearly, the crisis in our economy has now trumped the crisis in our environment due to the lack of emphasis our politicians place on the climate issue.


2 Comments on “Politicians, Not Media, Drives Public Opinion About Climate Change”

  1. dbristow1 says:

    This is definitely a problem, but you cannot blame the politicians. They are simply doing what they have always done and will always do: trying to get votes. The public must take it upon themselves to find credible research to inform their opinions.

  2. hkreese says:

    To a certain extent, of course you can hold politicians accountable! Politicians play an immense role in shaping public opinion- they raise awareness of, provide information, and share their opinion which is then adopted by many, whether credible or not, simply because they hold such a position of authority and influence. What the politicians talk about, the people will talk about. Yes, they are trying to get votes. But if that is all they are trying to do, certainly blame them. They should try and gets votes SO THAT they can carry out the policies or implement the changes they have in mind for the people. It is understandable that the economic crisis takes precedence, as the effects are felt more directly, frequently, and universally. However, the environmental once is crucial too, and I believe it is irresponsible for politicians to ignore it entirely- the public will pay less attention, too.

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