Local TV Stations Rally to Oppose Media Transparency

An article in the Columbia Journalism Review reports that local television statements are outraged by the proposal made by the Federal Communications Commission to begin media transparency, that would require television stations to post their “public inspection files” on the internet. The FCC’s requirements for broadcasting stations in the past is that the serve the community to the best of their ability. This new proposal for the requirement of transparency has caused many people to question, do broadcasting stations really feel a responsibility towards public interest? This is an important question for all journalists to ask. The development of technology and the internet has made it easier for news organizations to be more transparent. This raises the question, should the media be more transparent just because there are more readily available ways to do so? Should the Media have to post their public files on the internet for all to see? The posting of these files on the internet would help people to understand a lot about how these organizations make their money and the flow of this money. Currently people can find the information they are seeking, as it is public, however it is much more difficult and time consuming to obtain this information. Do you think this is necessary for people to have all the information about these networks readily available?

Mackenzie Lavelle




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