Interest in Pinterest gaining recognition by news media

Relatively young photo sharing website Pinterest may be social media’s next creative asset for news buzzing. called it the ‘tool of the week for journalists‘, and within the past six months alone, Pinterest has experienced an astronomical forty fold increase in online visitors– becoming the No. 7 social networking site.

Pinturest, although already embraced within the online realms of fashion and health, has only recently begun to be noticed by the news media.  However, the site’s popularity is gaining rapid momentum as journalists recognize and advocate its potential as a news sharing implement.  Journalists are able to utilize Pinterest in a variety of ways, such as offering sneak peaks of future publications or news staff profile features.  Additionally, Photojournalists can employ the site’s virtual and digital features to advertise their photo portfolios.

Online information exchange networks are regularly evolving as online media becomes central to our society.  According to tech entrepreneur Elad Gil, there are three ‘parallel trends’ of web sharing: sharing requires less effort, sites are more visually oriented, and content is more often organized by topic.  Pinterest encompasses all three characteristics and has indeed skyrocketed in online cirulation- but is the recipe for website success that easy?

Are Pinterest’s structural elements dynamic enough to serve as a forum for current events, or the intentions of its users ambitious enough to actively contribute current news stories as ‘pins’?  Will it join the ranks of Twitter and Facebook as a notable journalistic tool, or experience a plateau after it’s surge in popularity?


2 Comments on “Interest in Pinterest gaining recognition by news media”

  1. I don’t think Pinterest will be successful in transmitting news beyond photojournalism. It is visual website — not a text website. Though Twitter limits tweets to 140 characters, it is still a text website. Facebook is the same way. Pinterest also lacks an audio aspect, so news cannot be transmitted audibly either.

    However, I do foresee two possible outcomes for the photojournalism aspect of Pinterest. One, more and more photojournalists give away their product for free to be thrown around the Internet. Two, Pinterest users believe the photos have been photoshoped as many of the photos on the website are. Three, photojournalists give their products away and users believe everything they see. I think the first two options are the most likely.

  2. I think Pinterest has exponential possibilities if used in the right way. The website has been wildly successful so far, in that it allows people or organize their ideas and goals into an easily accessible web format. As far as news stories go, I think that could really be the next step for pinterest. Although, giving immeadiate news coverage could probably never be a strength of pinterest, it could supply its users with organizational format of their favorite stories.
    Pinterest is mostly an inspirational website that inspires people to design, redecorate, try a new recipe or start a new style. Journalistic pieces could also begin to inspire users of pinterest in the same way.

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