Media influence on Amanda Knox trial

Amanda Knox walked free from an Italian jail this week to the outcry of many Italians due to the negative picture the press painted of Knox. Throughout her original trial, Knox was made out to be a “she-devil” who killed her roommate during a wild sex game that went wrong.

Timothy Egan, New York Times reporter, wrote in an article, “The global media cabal had initially turned Amanda into a villainous cartoon.”

The case against Knox was weak with botched DNA evidence, false witnesses, and a coerced confession from Knox. Many believe it was the tabloid-like media coverage of the case that influenced Knox’s conviction subjecting her to almost 1,500 days in an Italian jail.

An online British newspaper, the Daily Mail, even falsely reported that Knox’s appeal had been rejected.

Since her release, many American reporters have written articles in her defense criticizing the Italian prosecutors, according to an article from The Guardian.

Media coverage of this case has influenced not only the public, but possibly the outcome of the original trial. Should journalists be allowed to sensationalize murder cases? Does the negative image painted by reporters prematurely convict the not guilty?



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