#TroyDavis Twitter Conspiracy?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two weeks you already know about the Troy Davis story.

Troy Davis was convicted and been on death row several times since 1989 when he was accused of killing a police officer. Since the trial in 1989 7 of the 9 witnesses have gone back on their testimony and there is no solid evidence. Troy Davis was executed for a murder he might not have committed last week September 21, 2011 at 11:08pm.

The issue at hand is whether the social networking site was censoring the topic. The trial was a very big deal world wide and especially in Atlanta the home town of Davis. One tweet from a prominent Atlanta Celebrity Big Boi stated ” @BigBoi: #TroyDavis was the #2 trending topic in ATL [Atlanta] 5 minutes ago, now his name has been removed completely!!! Wowzers.” This is what insited the controversy on Twitter. I myself was on twitter while this was going on and did not see any trending topic about Troy Davis, however I did see #CaseyAnthony ironically.

While this is not a proven fact that Troy Davis was not a trending topic for a reason, it just makes you wonder why Twitter would have censored the topic to the public in the first place. This trial was such a big deal all over the world so it makes no sense why it would not be a trending topic.

Its just something to think about I suppose….


You can read the whole article from  Single Black Male (the black perspective, a prominent African American Blog)


DeeDee S.


4 Comments on “#TroyDavis Twitter Conspiracy?”

  1. I think there must have been censoring done pertaining to the Troy Davis topic. If the topic reached the #2 spot for trending it took a while to get there and was, obviously, a huge subject. There is no way Trending about Troy Davis would have completely stopped all together, especially if the supposed trend was either right before or after the execution. If Twitter did indeed censor this topic that is not fair. I think this goes along with freedom of speech. People should be allowed to tweet what they choose as long as it does not harm another person. If in fact there were harmful Tweets and that is why the topic was removed then Twitter should have just censored more thoroughly and deleted the harmful Tweets.

  2. tmh1121 says:

    The day after Troy Davis was executed I saw a protest group on North Campus. I thought that it was extremely strange to see people protesting something that had already occurred. I feel as though there are many cases similar to Davis’ that do not receive half as much attention. I think this case’s celebrity has a lot to do with social media hype like Twitter.

  3. carrendale says:

    I’d have to agree with you that it does seem a little strange that Davis went from being the number 2 topic on Twitter to essentially non existent in a few hours. I don’t think that twitter has the power to censor something like that legally though. I could be completely wrong on this and I hope I am, because that would be a huge problem for the validity of Twitter as a news gathering resource. If you can’t tweet about anything you want, then what’s the point of Twitter at all? I understand that maybe because the Davis decision was such a hot topic at the time that they might have wanted to curb some of the more violent, and/or profane comments, but I don’t know about a full blown conspiracy. That sounds a bit outlandish to me.

  4. tmt818 says:

    It is very strange that the social networking site would censor the trending of Troy Davis. I remember that Casey Anthony was trending throughout her trial. Why would the site censor one high profile case but not another one? The Troy Davis case caused extreme controversy, and I believe people should be able to share their thoughts and opinions through any means of communication they choose. It is curious if Twitter will censor other controversial, high profile cases such as the Amanda Knox case. I will definitely be watching the trending section of Twitter more closely.

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