Newspapers: There is Hope!

As the economy struggles to recover, newspapers are dropping like flies. The overall lack of funds in the United States has trickled down to newspapers and, much to our dismay, many have fallen. The funds to support investigative journalism have drastically fallen and many journalists have found themselves suddenly unemployed, but in the ashes of the fading medium, there is hope. A recent study by the Pew Research Center shows that people still use newspapers as a primary source for information.

The study shows that the top sources for local topics are newspapers, television, internet, and radio. Newspapers serve as the top source for news on community events, crime, taxes, local government, arts and culture, social services, zoning and development. They also tied with internet for top source for news on housing, school, and jobs, and with television for local political news.

This is good for current and rising journalists because it proves that if the big city job doesn’t work out, local news is thriving and evolving. Public Affairs may be on a low, but it’s not dead and it’s making a comeback.


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