Economy Makes Top News

Last week the number one story was over the problematic U.S. economy.  It is good to see this making the news in such a big way.  It seems so many storys taking up much of the news now are about celebrities and just redoing the same story over and over, which do not affect our lives as much as something as important as our economy.

President Obama’s job creation speach was a large part of making the economy number one for last week.  People need to understand and be aware of what is happening with our economy, especially lately as it has become so bad.   Much of the coverage was on Obama’s speech itself, but there have been many other stories that have involved the economy.

Along with the economy the war in Afghanistan saw an increase in coverage from the media.  Seeing coverage of these issues is great to see with the upcoming election as different candidates are being considered. 



One Comment on “Economy Makes Top News”

  1. I agree with you that much too much information we read pertains to a topic that will have no impact on us either now or in the future. I think as Americans we need to be fully aware with what is going on in our country. Although I realize I may not know as much about the economy or war in Iraq as someone else, I attempt to keep up. Another problem I think we as America as a whole have is that we know nothing about whats happening outside of our county. Until I started reading the paper this year I had no idea what was going on. I’m really trying to improve that though and learn about what is happening around me.

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