2010 sees slight increase improvement in Communications job market


According to a study done by the University of Georgia, 2010 saw a slight increase in the number of jobs offered to first year grads.

Up almost 3 percent since 2009, the 58.2 percent of people who did manage to find jobs don’t seem to find this upward trend to be too promising.

Lee Becker, the reports co-author agrees– “any improvement underway is slight. Students are in a very challenging market. Its hard to be optimistic.”

An interesting finding of the study and perhaps one of the only heartening things to be found was that new workers tend to be more happy with their jobs, even compared to 2009. 40 percent of recent grads were satisfied with their jobs, up from 36 percent the year before.

In contrast with that good news, salaries in the new job market are a different story entirely. The median annual salary for a recent grad was a paltry $30,000, which has remained the same for five years. That, coupled with the equally disturbing benefit packages given to recent grad makes for a daunting expose into what we as students should soon expect. Just over half of those questioned for this survey received medical insurance.


One Comment on “2010 sees slight increase improvement in Communications job market”

  1. baelaboo says:

    This is a very intimidating reality. There are so many of use getting ready to enter the working world of journalism, and there are few jobs and low salaries. The sad thing is, man of us will end up not even working in the field we trained for because of the sad state of the economy. The journalism industry is a hot mess and if the economy doesn’t improve in the next five years those of us who are graduating are going to be in a world of hurt.

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