Too Much Hurricane Irene Coverage?

Many bloggers have been debating whether or not there was too much coverage of Hurricane Irene.  They argue that there was not that much damage done and that it was only covered because it happened in the part of the country where most of the media is located.  Others say that the loss of life, no matter how large or small shows that it was not covered too much and that the hype of the hurricane saved many lives by getting people to leave. 

Both Howard Kurtz and Toby Harndon immediately started to talk about how they believed the hurricane was over hyped which soon recieved criticism by many bloggers online.  The story of Hurricane Irene was full of news worthiness and should have had a lot of coverage.  People in the area should be warned before to get out of the area and informed after of the destruction of their homes.  People around the country also need to be informed when something as serious as a hurricane is coming becuase it can affect anyone, especially if they have family in that area.

This was a major storm and it hit the country in a very highly populated area.  The coverage would have been just as high no matter what part of the country the storm hit.

Was the coverage of Hurricane Irene too much, too little, or exactly right?


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