New blogs bring hope for the future has been venturing into a new way to drive the print business model into the digital era with the addition of more specialized blogs. With paywalls and aggregators causing issues for the industry, online niches seem to be the next step for print media.

Over the last year, digital revenue in the 12 blogs of have increased by 12 percent, with these tiny markets driving up 40 percent of all site views in 2011, David Kaplan of Romenesko+ reports. Techland and Swampland, two of twelve current blogs, have created online environments for their readers to stay updated on their favorite topics.

In addition to these blogs, wishes to add more blogs for entertainment, opinions and more for society and family life in general. Creating the online niche for readers has brought a new growth to the site, giving hope to some that all is not lost.

However, digital media is not the saviour of print. “It doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone expects the rise of print to occur on the backs of digital, but it does suggest that Time has its best chance yet to digital growth to match up to the actual revenues,” Kaplan says.

Not every news consumer is interested in the arrests of a pop diva or the uprisings in Syria. It is an idealistic dream that all consumers want all the information we put infront of them, but most are interested in finite sectors of the world.

Do you feel that this could be the idea that helps pull the print business model back from the brink? How could this idea be expanded to generate even more revenue for the industry?


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