A Look back to Wartime reporting; 10 years ago.

War reporting has certainly changed in the past few decades mostly due to war itself changing in the past few decades. Reporter Patrick Sloyan, like many others like him, covering the Gulf War became an unofficial therapist for those who were in danger while they were reporting.

Covering a war is not very different 10 years later; it is still as dangerous or even more. This article was written in 2001 but I can only assume that it has not changed very much over seas. In 2001 The Guardian reported that the Taliban was offering $50,000 t Afghans who killed Western Journalists. This is more than they were asking to kill military and intelligence personal.

In modern warfare there is so much more technology that they did not have in WWII and earlier wars. There are satelites, live web views, and even tweets from civilians in the area. While this is much better for the people at home who can keep up with the war it is more dangerous for the journalists who are said to have important information or who might be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

One reporter said, “It’s ironic,” / “We know less, and were more of a target” Granted this article was written in 2001 as I stated before but its interesting because I am sure that the times have only gotten worse since then.

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One Comment on “A Look back to Wartime reporting; 10 years ago.”

  1. Its great that we have the technology to keep up with what is going on with the war. With the danger for journalists to be there it is great to see that so many are brave enough to be there and keep the citizens back home updated. I think this will continue throughout the years reguardless of the danger to journalists.

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