Media outlets trying to cover without exploiting.

Many media organizations are trying their best to cover the 10th anniversary of September 11 without seeming to exploit the tragedy for a financial gain.  Fox news has made plans to show a documentary of the construction of Freedom Tower.   CNN has also said that they will be showing four separate documentaries on the subject.

Many of these media outlets have made it clear that they will be showing no more commercials than usual and in some cases no commercials, aided by HBO, to make it clear that this is not a case of exploitation.  Magazines covering September 11th have claimed that there will not be added advertising revenue in these issues as well. 

Some stations, such as the National Geographic Channel, have decided to air September 11th programs before the day of the anniversary to spread it out as much as they can.  They aired a very interesting interview with George W. Bush, who was the president at the time of the attacks, on August 28th.  National Geographic Channel has also planned for many other programs covering the topic to air over the time of the anniversary. There are even talks of interviews with 10 different children whose fathers died on September 11th.

Do you think too much coverage is meant to remember or to exploit the attacks for financial gain?


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