What Mattered in the News Last Week

This is from http://www.journalism.org/index_report/pej_news_coverage_index_september_511_2011

The article above discusses what was popular in last week’s news coverage. Last week was a huge week for news, with the 9/11 anniversary and the GOP presidential debate. Despite the other issues, Obama’s speech resulted in the U.S Economy being the most talked about topic in news.

Obama’s speech spoke of creating jobs in the country, while the debates around the speech focused on a deeper recession and the possibilities of reelection.

The U.S Economy is a major deal and is quite newsworthy- I get it. To me, however, the tenth anniversary of 9/11 needed much more coverage. The anniversary was the third most talked about news topic last week. The GOP presidential debate was in the spot before it.

I am deeply saddened to see such news coverage. The news needed to make a greater effort to perhaps dedicate an entire week to the tragedy. Thousands of people lost their lives that fateful day. We cannot forget to remember them the way they deserve simply because news organizations are trying to cover what is “popular.”

Having taken journalism classes here at UGA, I fully understand the need to cover what is appealing to the audience. I do believe that the general public would have appreciated a more extended coverage of the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

We forget what is important and get so wrapped up in the entertainment value of news. This past week was no exception to that and, to me, it is quite unfortunate.


One Comment on “What Mattered in the News Last Week”

  1. I completely agree. 9/11 has become a huge part of our lives and the tenth anniversary of the tragedy is a very important time to cover the topic and take the time to truly remember that day and pay respect to the victims. Some stations did do a great job of covering it such as National Geographic, however others focused too much on topics that may be entertaining, but much for forgettable.

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