Robot Journalists???

Narrative Science, which is a company who is pairing with people from Northwestern University have announced a new software that can write news stories in under a minute using statistics, facts, and other data. Top robotics experts have been working on the software for a long time and the software actually sounds like real humans have written the articles. The software is different from other softwares because it draws from other articles and history int he past to write new stories and determine what vocabulary is appropriate for a story.

The program has been really influential in sports reporting thus far but could probably be beneficial to many other types of reporters, including public affairs journalists. Many people do not know whether this software is going to be beneficial to companies but there are already twenty odd companies that want to use the software. Be sure to check out the full article here!


3 Comments on “Robot Journalists???”

  1. baelaboo says:

    This is an awesome new technology, but it makes human beings obsolete. If this software were to really take hold of the industry you wouldn’t have writers, you’d have fact typers and passionless, icy news stories. Stuff like this is just unsettling as it suggests a robot run society. This is an engineer’s dream and a writer’s nightmare.

  2. WIL PETTY says:

    It is an impressive technology but I strongly dislike it. Much like the post above me says, it is an engineer’s dream and writer’s nightmare. It has been successful in sports reporting, and I see where it can help with stats and stuff, but I’m pretty sure a robot cannot interview players after games, nor can they word the stories in a way people will actually be interested enough to read them.

    In the long term, this could go either way.

  3. I am really not a fan of this new software. In our age of such technological advancement we need to leave some things for humans!! If robots begin taking over journalism, which this proves in some aspects they have, journalism is going to completely fall. It is pretty cool that scientists were able to construct this kind of machine, but lets leave robots to other stuff- like helping on assembly lines. I know they have robotic surgery now to help with the precise details that come during surgery, but writing a story isn’t exactly like preforming an open-heart surgery. One of the other great things about journalism is the emotions, humor, and feeling a great writer is able to convey, and I don’t think the robo-stories will ever be able to accomplish that.

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