Online News Association sees a bright future.

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As more and more people rely on their smart phones and the internet for their news, the media has to adapt.  The Online News Association feels that has already happened.

There has already been a noticeable increase in conferences as well as number of online journalists at these conferences.  I feel these conferences are necessary for journalists to share ideas and stories to keep growing in the online news world.  

The attendance at these conferences has seen an increase of 18%. This increase has shown that they have been successful.  The Society of Professional journalists and the Radio television digital news association will host their very first joint conference on September 25-27 In New Orleans.  As the number of online journalists grow, so do the numbers at conferences such as this.

It is of great importance for these conferences held by different media organizations to discuss the future of how the news is delivered, which will be all about online news and how to get readers interested in obtaining subscriptions to their online sites and smart phone applications.

How do you think these conferences are assisting the media’s move to online journalism?


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