What’s next in investigative reporting

Today, the field of investigative reporting is going through serious changes in response to the declining number of traditional news outlets such as newspapers.

The Centre for Investigative Reporting (CIR) is getting offers to collaborate with social media companies like YouTube. The CIR is a non-profit group that provides funding for investigative stories and sells the reports to prominent news organizations like National Public Radio and the Washington Post.

YouTube wants to launch its own investigative journalism service called YouTube Investigative. The video-sharing website wants CIR to curate material for the new service. CIR has had a meeting with YouTube to discuss the potential collaboration.

“There’s a revolution around information and technology,” says executive director for CIR, Robert Rosenthal.

CIR is responding to this revolution by cutting out the traditional news outlets, which have been reducing investigative budgets dramatically. With 35 journalists on staff, CIR has found a way to make investigative reporting a moneymaking business once again.

As CIR also discusses the possibility of working with Apple and Google, they are “overwhelmed by the opportunity,” Rosenthal says.

The move towards freelancer investigative reporting is upon us in this new social media based world. Should we treat this as a great opportunity or should we fear some of the legal repercussions that can come with it?


One Comment on “What’s next in investigative reporting”

  1. tmt818 says:

    Social media is a largely unregulated source of information. Although I believe the move to working with social media is the direction of journalism, I think sites such as twitter and youtube need more official regulation. At the current time person who sets up an account on the site is able to post a video, and I feel like this type of publishing freedom will discredit some of the work of the CIR.

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